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Timosha Krivtsov

Designer Statement

I have absolutely no respect for the status quo––

one that prioritizes the bottom line above all else and is culprit of the environmental crisis we face today. 

My efforts are dedicated to two distinct yet intertwined forms of work: art and design. My artwork serves as the megaphone, exposing the inner-workings of a toxic capitalist system, relayed in visually dynamic and vocal works.

My focus in design, however, explores the tangible, product-based concepts that propose a more sustainable, conscious future. In essence, my design process is compromised of three fundamental building blocks: sustainability, systematic-thinking and simplicity. More specifically, I explore cross-product compatibility, maximized material efficiency, and finally, the simplification and reduction of unnecessary components, in product design. My clothing label, Piece-wear, incorporates these fundamental building blocks and introduce a new category of design in the fashion industry: Modular Garment Architecture.

Above all else, however, the sustainability–– or environmental impact–– of a product(s) is the most essential consideration in my design process; it molds–– and sets the constraints for–– the design outcome of the product. 

I live for the challenge. 


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