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Assistant Technical Design Intern

My internship at Reese Cooper began as a production assistant and progressed into a technical design role.

Some of my responsibilities included (see full overview on resume):

–Assisting in developing CADS, tech packs, & BOM'S for our domestic suppliers

–Designed & helped facilitate the production of textile print repeats used in A/W '21 Runway Show

–Helped coordinate the distribution of fabrics, trims, markers to appropriate factories

–Assisted in re-developing visual inventory system for managing trim counts used for samples & production

–Helped manage the distribution of international store orders for over 50+ Worldwide

Due to signing an NDA, I am unable to show much of the development process,

however some examples of my work and contribution are shown below.


Special Projects

Of the 3 pattern repeats, the Western Wildfires Jacket, required the most attention to detail. Reese's jackets are known to be quite complex– with his signature utilitarian pocketing and in this case, 30+ individual pattern pieces– and the task was to align a full-scale image seamlessly throughout the jacket. 


Using Adobe Illustrator,  I separated and aligned each piece relative to the image– considering the various seam allowance and undersides of pocket flaps and yokes. In the end, I was able to accomplish the task and create the most efficient fabric yield for printing.

I helped two additional pattern repeats used throughout his F/W '21 Runway Collection (below).

reese cooper_jacket.jpg
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