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Founder + Designer

I am the founder and designer of Piece-wear Garments, or what I view as what the fashion industry as we look forward into the future. Since the dawn of this project, I've had one core mission: addressing the industry's waste issue.

Roughly 85% of our clothing ends up in a landfill.


Despite being a daunting statistic, this figure makes sense--

the industry is driven by constantly evolving trends. And to be totally honest,

I don't blame the industry for this. It is only human to want something new + fresh.

By designing the garments to be modular, the user becomes the designer--

they can piece together their own looks/garments.


 As a byproduct of the modular nature of the garments, this approach is highly

resource-efficient, as it drastically reduces the amount of fabric/waste that's generated through the production of individually-made garments.

Maximum outfits, minimum materials.

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